Recent college grad that needs suggestions for work/study outside of the US? I don't get this passage in the Bible. Can anyone explain it to me? relate the classical scientific method to the process skills of science? Why does my puppy hack and gags and coughs when hes excited? Please i need help with history.? What are the differences between Captain Ahab and Ishmael? How are they alike? Da Vinci's anatomical studies? I want to get a working visa for Canada, Toronto from Australia... HELP Q'S!!? My toilet paper sucks now my butthole is bleeding and feels hot and swollen. How can I make it heal faster? Unique but not weird girls and boys names?? For a girl I like... Kyra and Rosalee. For a boy I like Levi and Elliot? How does franchising work? Help with an essay introduction? I am currently attending an AMT school, have powerplant license,want to join the military, hard to find a job? Help on homework essay? what does this poem say to you about the contrast between appearances and reality? help me make a resume for part time job (age 17)? Is writing about my sexuality for a college application essay bad idea? Mark twain major works?

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how do i hide a page number in word but have the page counted as a page.?...