Would this be a good story Idea? quotes from karl marx? whats the difference between plus and minus blank DVD disks? Any advice for sewing with knits? should I talk about my dad's sickness in my essay? I have 3.03 GPA and my SAT score is low. I am so worried that I might not get into Umass Boston. what are my chances of getting accepted? Lying about military service a crime? need help?????????????? Why did my friend tell me a horrible rumour someone spread about me? I need an essay topic, having to do with Democracy in Latin America? Any exciting political events? Can I write about my religion in my college essay? So, the media is still acting like Trump is not who the nation wants. Writing racist slag about the millions of people who supported him? Are 5 AS Levels Too Many? Should I complain about my grade to the department? Help with my English Homework please? Is this a good introduction (essay)? In what episodes of American Dad do any of the characters curse/swear? I want to cry. I have so much homework and I just lost something!?

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